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Recycling Program

This simple and convenient program will enable you to dispose of your toner cartridges in an environmentally responsible manner!

On-Site Maintenance

Printer jam? We have you covered. We have certified technicians just a phone call away!

Printers & Hardware

Need a new printer? Need hardware for an existing printer? ASE offers a wide array of products to meet any of your needs!

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"Know the Difference"
OEM vs Alternatives

Did you know?

Printing supplies can be more than half the cost of your office budget!
The cost of printing. Here's what you need to know!

Whether you're a corporation, small business, or home office, the cost associated with printing can be daunting. We understand most businesses don't have the time nor the workforce to calculate the cost associated with printing. No need to worry, we have highlighted all you need to know!

We at ASE Technology are experts in the print imaging industry in which we personally understand the cost to supply your employees with their printing needs. Give us a call or request a quote today! We offer competitve pricing and more importantly, outstanding customer service.

  • Office Supply Budget

    10% of all costs associated with a business is on office supplies.

  • Printing Cost

    60% or more of your office supply budget is spent on printing cost.

  • Discarded Cartridges

    70% of printer cartridges throughout the world are discarded. We offer FREE recycling!

  • Do you know your costs?

    90% of businesses do not know their cost of printing.

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