Printing That Positively Impacts The Environment

“E-Waste” is a term used for waste generated from technology products and includes toner cartridges, computer, monitors, etc. This waste has been going to China and S.E. Asia in tremendous volumes, creating sever conditions in towns where this waste is handled.

As Asia creates tougher restrictions on the importing of e-waste, more empty cartridges will remain in the U.S. and end up in landfills.

Each cartridge with an average weight of 2.5lbs is made primarily of industrial grade plastic that takes 1,000 years to degrade.

Every year the aftermarket imaging supplies industry reclaims over 42,000 tons of empty toner cartridges that would otherwise been diverted to landfills.

How Can You Do Your Part?

  • Work with us to make sure your cartridges are reclaimed and handled responsibly.
  • Both the empty core and the cardboard packaging will be recycled
  • Ask how you can earn revenue from recycling OEM empty cartridges
  • Purchasing premium replacement cartridges creates demand for the empty cores.


Recycling Banner

As part of this ongoing initiative, we have developed a new Recycling Bin Program. This simple and convenient program will enable our customers to dispose of their toner cartridges in an environmentally responsible manner.

We invite our customers to join us in our recycling efforts.

Stats & Facts:

  • 60 – 80% of all used toner cartridges go directly into trash cans and end up in a landfill.
  • 1,000 YEARS is how long it takes for a print cartridge to fully decompose in a landfill site.
  • 350 MILLION Worldwide is the annual amount of print cartridges disposed of in landfill sites.
  • 70% of the non-recycled cartridges exist in the U.S.

100,000 recycled print cartridges save the following:

  • 9599 kilograms of aluminum
  • 40 tons of plastic
  • 1,000,000 liters of oil
  • 12% PER YEAR is the annual growth rate of non-recycled print cartridges.



Our FREE Recycling Program!

Recycling Box:

  • Place your empty cartridges in the Recycling Bin. Secure cartridges in their original packaging if available.
  • A UPS Authorized Return Service (ARS) Tag will be applied to the top lid flap of each bin to ensure no return shipping costs for the customer.
  • Neither the ARS tag or the box label will reference any specific company.
  • Once the Recycling Bin is full, seal the box for shipping, being sure the ARS tag is visible!

Pallet Pick-Up:

  • We offer Free pallet pick-ups of 50 or more toners!